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c shaped steel roll forming machine
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 R***** K*** -- An expert on Roller Design for Forming

Taiwan Tube Forming Machine Manufacturer has been a pipe forming rollers, steel tube making machines, cold roll forming machines and peripheral equipment for tube making machines supplier in Taiwan since 1992. R***** K***'s great customization capability comes from their insistence on meeting clients' inquiries - multiple shapes and curves of rollers, tolerance of weights, certified components, test report offered, good quality materials, on-time delivery and promising after-sale services. In addition, frequent consultations and factory tours make their clients gain confidence in R***** K*** and that's why R***** K*** obtains clients from everywhere in the world. R***** K*** is specialized in manufacturing pipe forming rollers for the production of stainless steel round pipes, square pipes, irregularly-shaped pipes, hexagonal pipes, octagonal pipes, pipe bending molds, pipe forming molds, common steel pipes, and various shapes of steels. R***** K***'s roll forming machine made implements are usually utilized for door frames, gardening, window curtains, office partitions, medication appliances, automobiles and furniture, etc.

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work flow for slide roll forming machine HD-50 enlarge this part enlarge this part enlarge this part enlarge this part enlarge this part

Working Flow
Auto-de-coiler → roll guider → leveler & feeding → continuous hole punching → forming → positioning & cutting → collection

factory of R***** K***
R***** K***'s factory
    Advantages :
  • Total Integration Service
  • Two Factories:
    1. rollers and components factory.
    2. assemble and machine test based on clients' environment.
  • Humanity operation and Computerized Operation Systems (PLC)
  • Forming roller capability: Maximum 24 inch forming roller and more
  • Roll forming machine capability: length 100 meter and more
  • Product Precision : 0.01
  • Refine software and equipment: COPRA® Rollscanner, CNC lathe, MITUTOYO 3D test machines and more
roll forming machine withi refine software and equipment

Refine software and equipment: COPRA® Rollscanner, CNC lathe, MITUTOYO 3D test machines and more

COPRA® Rollscanner may measures the shape curve of roller, forming section dimension of structural steel, the accuracy reached 0.01mm and compared roller abrasion situation. The "COPRA® Rollscanner" is the most important roller equipment for professional design.

  • Talented in irregular shapes of roller forming machine
  • Substantial foundation of forming machine
  • Japan made quality, Taiwan Price
  • Production efficiency: faster production speed
  • Frequently consultation with forming machine procurer
  • CE certification

 Roll Forming Machinery Collaboration Design Experience and Development 

roll forming machine, specile section and pipe/formed roller samples

Roller forming machine, special pipe section, and formed roller / pipe samples & cutting mold

Defining Objectives:

Inspections of the plant requirement -- plant objective and operating budget. This includes plant size, machine and material selection, and machine production efficiency.

roll design
Roll design (COPRA FTM simulation)

Roll Formaing Machine Plant Layout and Design:

Metal Roll forming machine and other related equipment selection, material and production flow analysis.

R***** K*** Advanced Equipment for Forming Machine:

COPRA® Rollscanner, CNC lathe, 3D processing, Japanese MITUTOYO 3D test machine and VMC-2090A Conquest series, etc.

Technical Meeting Your Froming Machine Design:

Troubleshooting of machine operation and production -- technician negotiation and consultation.

R***** K*** represents their capabilities and related experience. Candidates' introduction regarding their industry-recognized experience in roll forming machine plant design, roller design and execution of machines. Schedule arrangement for the whole process concerning the starting, finish, test, technician training and payment.

Roll Forming Machines - After-Sale Service

R***** K***'s after-sales service team provides comprehensive support and assistance for their customers worldwide, both during the installation and commissioning period of our equipment, and during its entire service life which frequently exceeds 30 years. Highly qualified technicians are available to make service visits to customers and to carry out maintenance.

Roll Forming Machine Spare Parts

When procuring roll forming machines or other equipment, extra sets of component purchasing is recommended. All the spare parts are available, and can be purchased and delivered, for all equipment supplied by R***** K***. A team of experienced engineers will give advice and provide assistance in handling spare parts requirements. Please always state the reference number of the relevant equipment when making an inquiry.

Training Of Forming Machine Customers

R***** K*** offers comprehensive training to ensure optimum operation and maintenance of our equipment. Since R***** K*** sells their roll forming machine globally, their training technicians will fly to wherever you need them.

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  • Copra Rollscanner
  • Copra Rollscanner
COPRA® Rollscanner

 Roll Design Using COPRA® Rollscanner 

R***** K*** uses COPRA FTM Simulation to assist them with the roller design. Roller design makes significant affection on the production of roll forming machine. Inadequate roller design not only can cause the incorrect size and shape of tubes and pipes from roll forming machine, eventually, it could also fail the whole production line. Therefore, an experienced roller designer pays attention to the critical parts of design and calculates the reaction while pushing and pressing.

After finalizing the diagram, the designer begins surrounding the profile with steel, or laying out the rolls. A roll designer must flange the rolls properly. A general rule is if the material is flowing up, the flanges go up; if the material is flowing down, the flanges go down. The designer also traps the material using metal stops, which prevent the material from wandering in the rolls and help eliminate camber from the incoming strip. Metal stops should allow for slitting tolerances as well. The design must also provide running clearance (extra room that allows the material to flow from pass to pass without being held back by the tooling) where necessary.

R***** K*** uses COPRA® Rollscanner for the measurement of troublesome parts - the curves and roller abrasion situation, and the accuracy reached 00.01mm. Trends to even more complex roll formed products could be challenging to design engineers. Not just the final product quality but also the company's success is depending on the designer's judgment. Therefore R***** K*** except having experienced designers, they also possess marvelous equipment so that formed pipes are made precisely according to the design.

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